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Our Company

In 2001, two retired US Air Force engineers with 60 years of base, major air command, HQ USAF-level experience, founded the Atriax Group to bring their considerable experience to both public and private clients.

From our home base in Hickory, NC, our team of 25 professionals quickly built a name for itself as a skilled rapid response force ready to take on tough architecture, engineering and construction challenges anywhere in the nation or around the world at a moment’s notice.

Today, our unique expertise is in demand on-site and in the field at medical centers, military and governmental installations and public and private sector locations across the globe. The company has uncommon experience for a small business with projects literally across the continental United States as well as multiple overseas locations.

Atriax boasts a team of project managers, architects, engineers, and interior designers. But, it’s the manner in which we immerse ourselves into each project challenge to create thoughtful, incisive and practical solutions that really make the difference.

Our 15th Anniversary

In 2016, Atriax celebrated 15 -years of providing planning, design and construction administration services to public clients; with the US Air Force, Army and Department of Veterans Affairs as the largest clients with current project plans and designs for construction valued at approximately $100M.

“We don’t usually see [construction document] sets this nice. I appreciate all the work and the timeliness has been impeccable.”


Hans Johnson

Project Manager / York VAMC, Murfreesboro TN

“Thank you!  You are instrumental to our success”


Patrick Stultz

Contract Specialist / Salem VAMC, Salem VA

“…and I wanted to thank Atriax for your tenaciousness in looking out for our interests in this Project. I realize we all have something at stake with regards to [the] success of this Project (and certainly, looking out for our veterans is the primary thing we all share), but I could not say with confidence that there are many of our consultants who would stand on the line as has been demonstrated during this discussion. It is much appreciated!”


Wayne Johnson

Supervisory Engineer / Salem VAMC, Salem VA

“I wish all contractors we worked with were at the same standard as Atriax Group… truly one of the most professional and cooperative groups of people I’ve worked with in a very long time. We make a great team!”

Glenn Easterby

Base Civil Engineer, 628th CES / Joint Base Charleston

“Due to the complexity of this project it required a well-coordinated design and project schedule. Atriax worked to ensure the schedule remained on target and they were able to finish the design on time.  Atriax has a great staff of knowledgeable professionals, which are always ready to provide solutions to any unforeseen problems and are able to manage the project from design to construction and to completion.  This was demonstrated throughout the switchgear design and installation. During the submittal process they always performed comprehensive reviews and all submittals were return in a timely manner.  Due their efforts, we replaced our existing switchgear on time, on budget, and with little to no unforeseen complications.


Joey Dorn

Project Engineer / Asheville VAMC, NC

“Atriax did a very thorough analysis and comparison of the DoD Minimum Standards to the Interagency Security Council (ISC) Standards.  They compared the requirements in the criteria, explained the similarities and the differences, and performed a cost analysis of each set of criteria.”


Patrick Lindsey

PE, Chief of Hardened Structures / USACE Rating Official A/E Performance Evaluation

"I don't know what I would have done without Atriax support."


Environmental Flight Chief

Pope AFB

"You guys made us all look good on this US Forest Service Facility Vulnerability Study!”


Jay Hundley

Southern Research Station Engineer / US Forest Service

"Thank you for your exceptional effort in developing the concept to preserve the historical significance of the Marcus Little Home!  Your architectural and engineering recommendations are critical to the vision of restoration of this historic home."


Carolyn Washer, Homeowner

Winner, Hickory Landmarks Society Preservation Award / City of Hickory Appearance Commission Beautification Award Winner