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Weapons Station Lightning Protection Systems

Weapons Station Lightning Protection Systems Technical Support

Charleston Air Force Base – Joint Base Charleston – Weapons Station

What We Did

Atriax assisted JB CHS with a study of the lightning protection systems (LPS) of the installation’s explosive storage and handling facilities that included more than 200 facilities of various types. The general intent of the study was to document physical features, current condition, and compliance with NFPA 780, UFC, AF, ETL, and UF requirements, identify the work required to bring the LPS into compliance, and estimate the costs for the repairs and upgrades.

Project Details

Services: Engineering, Planning, Project Management

Budget: Study Cost – $668,514

How We Did

“Atriax performed an in depth study and provided a high quality report, while maintaining the approved schedule throughout the project and worked with the government to keep the cost within the awarded amount. Atriax is familiar with and followed pertinent regulations throughout this project. Great A&E. Always delivers quality products.” – Useba F. Ford, Contracting Officer, 628th Contracting Squadron

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