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Hurricane Ike Relief Effort

Technical Assistance Contract (Individual Assistance) for Temporary Housing – Hurricane Ike Relief Effort

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) / USACE

What We Did

Within 72 hours of notification, Atriax provided qualified project managertechnical staff, plus administrative and clerical support to the post-Hurricane Ike individual and community housing relief effort. Through daily communication/coordination USACE and FEMA leadership, this staff worked 7 days/week, 12-15 hour days for several months – uninterrupted by holidays. Services included Program Management of Community Site Development and individual home Inspection Staff that provided detailed technical field inspections.

Project Details

Services: Project Management, Planning, Engineering, Construction Services, Specialty (Community Engagement)

Budget: $600,000

Partners: Atkins Global

How We Did

Provided for the safe placement of temporary housing in ready for occupancy condition, including units designed for people with disabilities.

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